1 a.m.

Laying down after hours of emotional fluctuation

The closet door was removed when we moved in 

To create a walk-in


I open my eyes before bed 

To see it happen

And lay in it

The spider

That emerged from the hinge

Transformed, climbed around the door

And came back to nest and mock me


Or used to

It’s a very silly concept to sit on

And compare to other creatures

Like just imagine

A screw on a table turning into a ladybug

How quaint 




Danny Walker is a poet, a cat lover, and a person who holds and develops empathy for most everyone they meet. Poetry has been a love and hobby of theirs since they were 16. They’ve studied many poets on how to utilize Form Poetry to have not only the poem itself convey meaning, but the structure as well. They can be found on Twitter at @dwwlit.