sitting on the toilet 

reading Olivia Gatwood

i wonder if she ever doubts 

the point of all this writing

this ripping open of stitches

this picking of the scabs

but then 

what is the point of anything

if considered for more than a second

but the poetry doesn’t seem to soothe


it gives a voice to all the hurt

i guess 

it is about time it was heard


it still has more to say

and i just need to let it

say its piece

for now 

my nerves are split ends

dried out and ragged

i chew them while i write


Cait Thomson (she/her) is a queer mama and wife from Ottawa, Canada. She primarily writes about her experiences with anxiety, trauma, parenting, and her love of the outdoors. She can usually be found hiking with her husband and young daughter, or desperately drinking coffee. She is @cait.t.poetry on Instagram.