Submissions are OPEN through June 15 (EST)

for Summer 2022 / Issue 2.2!

This issue's theme is GEOGRAPHY.

Of body, identity, the external world, or beyond—this is yours to interpret.


  • Currently, we do not accept previously published work. Work posted on personal social media does not count as published.

  • You may submit up to three (3) unpublished poems. We accept all forms of poetry, including erasure and prose poetry. If you have an experimental or unconventional piece, we'd love to read it! If you submit more than three poems, only the first three in your document will be considered.

  • Please, only submit once. If you submit multiple times, only your first submission will be read. Additional submissions will be deleted unread.

  • Simultaneous submissions are expected, and greatly encouraged! However, should any poems submitted to us be accepted by another publication before you hear back from us, please contact us immediately to withdraw said poems (and congratulations!).

  • If chosen for publication, please do not publish your piece elsewhere until it appears in Impostor. By accepting our publication of your work, you grant Impostor First Serial Rights. Your work is always yours, and you may withdraw it from publication at any time.

  • If your piece is published elsewhere in the future, we kindly ask that you credit Impostor with first publication.

  • Minor edits may be suggested by the editors if your work is chosen for publication.

  • Decisions will be sent between June 15 and June 21.

  • We (very sadly) do not have the funding to pay contributors.

Ready to submit? Hooray! Click here for our submission form.