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things i would like to try for a day


i would like to go to bed early just this once and wake up late / beside a lover or a dear friend just this once

/ i would like to stir love 


i would like to read a book in silence with you present / we could imagine a porch with a calm sunset on a beach /  i would like you to know your body reminds me of home


i would like to write this poem / i would like to imagine i have moved from not having you to having you

/ i would like to have tea while you have coffee or whatever we need


i need you

in fact i want you

actually i would like to have you

even if for a moment

or a lifetime

i would like to test the depths of your love 

lust maybe an infatuation

who cares and why should it matter

what kind of mess we decide to make of ourselves 

with bleeding hearts from cupid's arrow

why should a child determine what ways our hearts should break.



Sloane Angelou is a storyteller & writer of West African origin; passionate about learning of human existence by interrogating human experiences. They exist in liminal spaces.

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