And I Would 


And I would have a thick squashy scarf around my neck 

and I would wear a marigold sweater 

and the smell of the air would be buttery 

and the texture of the air would be crunchy 

and I would walk into a crumbling brick coffee house, strung with bulb lights and cobwebs 

and I would order from a barista with thick glasses and lilac hair 

a caramel macchiato that would be served to me in a ceramic mug with a black cat on the side 

greeting the rim with cream fluff 

and I would sit on a weathered couch in the corner towards the door 

pull my legs over the side, stretch and cross them in front of me 

sip heat with a notebook open across my lap 

stare out the window at raindrops bouncing like popcorn off shiny cracked pavement 

and wish the door would open 


and there you would be


R. Skye Lambert is a social worker at a hospital in New England, serving clientele with pervasive mental health diagnoses. Skye is also a musician and songwriter.  You can find her on Twitter at @rskyelambert. She is probably weirder than you.