There’s a certain calmness

mixed with excitement.


A familiar feeling, even

before knowing you.


It’s the otherness.


Near or far.


It’s the otherness.


I don’t have to say anything.

Somehow you know.


I inhale, you exhale and we

move like water.


Lying on the grass, not

looking at each other, only



It’s the otherness. It’s you.

It’s me, and everything

surrounding us.


We forced it with everyone

else. Trying to make it fit.

Convincing ourselves of 

something that couldn’t

possibly exist with

anyone else but each other.


Instead of questioning all of

that now, we just embrace

today, not worrying

about what’s ahead.


Because today, right now is

the only thing that matters.


It’s the otherness. That’s the

only way that I can explain


Hi! I’m Tiera Nolcox, friends call me Tee. I’m a poet from Newburgh, New York, and I love my city. I use my poetry and short stories to connect with people and remind them that they aren’t alone. I’ve used writing as an outlet to express myself and deal with my emotions since childhood. It’s been my main source of gaining confidence with speaking my truth. You can find me on Instagram @tieralynne.