Dreams of My Foremothers


My foremothers spoke spells into my skin, 

promising me a future they could never dream to live;

but it’s hard to dream with a white man’s breath on your neck

and his hand grasping treasures his eyes should never have seen. 

When their no’s and don’ts delivered devotions to 

an empty throne on high, they clawed for goddesshood 

and ascended.

Divining scripture in his back, they crafted promises 

of justice from ether and blood:

incanting through my creole cadence,

enchanting each strand of hair with a finger,

and speaking spells into my skin to strike down

the blasphemy before them.


Incognegro and against the white ego

I am their wildest dreams come alive:

a promise to be fulfilled.




Maya Alexandria is a biracial African American writer, painter, poet, and filmmaker in California. She graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2020 with a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is the Chief Marketing Officer and Producer of Mad Mouth Poetry Inc., a poetry coalition based in California that focuses on uplifting the voices of underrepresented poets. She has been published in a variety of magazines from The Parklander Magazine to RiskPress, and has had her poetry taught in the classroom at San Mateo Community College. Maya is currently studying film at NYU while working on poetry and prose projects. She looks for ways to dismantle the patriarchy in her spare time by painting outdoors, listening to jazz with her cat, and slaying dragons via video games.