Déjà vu

I know you

look for me late at night

when no one else is watching.


Not enough for the dawn. 

Not enough to write my name

with flames trailing the end of it.


I still think about you

in the daylight, 

with the sun streaming through my car windows

and my feet propped up in the backseat

in the rose blossoms and the bloom of spring.


In my dreams,

I’m looking right at you

and I still can’t see your face.

Jasmina Kuenzli is an author of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction and has been published with Capsule Stories, Pidgeonholes, The Mark Literary Review, and many others. When she isn’t writing, Jasmina can be found weightlifting, running, and holding impromptu dance parties in her car. Her life goals include landing a back flip, getting legally adopted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and being a contributor on Drunk History. She would like to thank Brenna and Sarah, who hear all these stories first, and Harry Styles, who is sunshine distilled in a human being.