wet mouth  


Side effects include: Respiratory  

catastrophe. Anorgasmia. A loss  

for words. Spasmic dancing and dead

eyes at work. Atrophy. Voyeurism. 

For auld lang syne. Far away thoughts hard

to hold. Caulked up heart holes. Creaky

hinges. Being afraid. Buyer's remorse.

Kicking and screaming. Clocking in and

clocking out. Hands at your sides. Single

file line. Shoes tied too tight. Getting better.

Getting worse. Getting some. Going 

under going on and keeping going. 

The good outweighs the bad and 

with dry palms we shake on it.


kelly mccay lives in the philly area. she is a painter and a poet, and a proud member of the proletariat. You can find her work in Voicemail Poems and Ariadne Mag.