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volume one, issue two: pareidolia 

May 2021

REBEKAH COMER is a teacher and writer from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She earned her Bachelor's in Secondary English Education from Mississippi State University in 2019. When Rebekah is not trying to convince 12-year-olds that books are cool, she can be found thrifting, completing puzzles, making TikToks, and watching re-runs of The Bachelorette. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @rebacomer. [Read: What We Fear in the Dark]



MYLES GANN is a standard-ole midwest America story. Having grown up in Ohio, he sang and danced his way out west (La La Land style) to sit in a dark room and write all day. He has an unhealthy obsession with superheroes and warns everyone around him that he's known to write fiction stories at the drop of a hat. He also creates semi-quality content for his own website called, and can be gently stalked on Twitter @ComicsSimple. [Read: Hunting Zed]

WILLIAM JAMIESON (he/him/his) writes, paints, and creates music in a basement a few miles west of Baltimore, Maryland. He occasionally comes out to breathe fresh air and cook meals. He can be found on Instagram @another_lousy_tourist. [Read: all faces are accidents]



JASMINA KUENZLI is an author of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction and has been published with Capsule StoriesPidgeonholesThe Mark Literary Review, and many others. When she isn’t writing, Jasmina can be found weightlifting, running, and holding impromptu dance parties in her car. Her life goals include landing a back flip, getting legally adopted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and being a contributor on Drunk History. She would like to thank Brenna and Sarah, who hear all these stories first, and Harry Styles, who is sunshine distilled in a human being. [Read: Déjà vu]



TIM LUTTON is a young English graduate living in London who enjoys the arts, photography, music and cats, trying to make sense of anxiety and imagining a better world. He has never been published. He can be found on Instagram @mr.timnus and Twitter @amanoutoftim. [Read: The Shape of Creation]



JAMES MCNANEY is a writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He writes poetry, prose and non-fiction. You can find more of his work at his blog and follow his twitter @JamesMcNaney1.

[Read: En Attendant]


HANNAH MORRIS-VOTH has been a guest editor for the Inlandia Institute, is presently an editor with The Aster Review, and a writer for Chasing Shadows Magazine. Her poetry is soon to appear in VoicesJuniper Literary Magazine, and Honey Fire Literary Magazine. She is currently working on her first poetry pamphlet. [Read: Popinjay]


V.L. ONDRA Photography above by V.L. Ondra, an artist and metalsmith living in Pittsburgh with their cat, Syrup. You can find their work on Instagram @eyeslikethieves. [Look: Photography, inside cover]


A.K. SHAKOUR has a bachelor's degree from The University of British Columbia in English literature, with a minor in creative writing. She has work published in Room Magazineyolk literary, and others. She has one dog and a plethora of potted plants that desperately need to be watered. [Read: i park my marrow in the garage]


When asked about his artistic process, ANDREW SHUMWAY said "Mmm, textures," and refused further comment. He lives in Philadelphia with two cats and many houseplants. You can find him on Instagram @contemporaryslob. [Look: Photography, pages 6, 1317]


DANNY WALKER is a poet, a cat lover, and a person who holds and develops empathy for most everyone they meet. Poetry has been a love and hobby of theirs since they were sixteen. They’ve studied many poets on how to utilize Form Poetry to have not only the poem itself convey meaning, but the structure as well. They can be found on Twitter @dwwlit. [Read: Perception]

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