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volume one, issue three: piecemeal

July 2021

issue 3 cover art.png

JUSTIN AOBA lives and writes in New York City. [Read: A Silent Study of Tired Things]



ANASTASIA DIFONZO (she/her) is a San Diego based poet with a cat named Klaus. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in Anti-Heroin ChicGnashing Teeth PublishingSledgehammer LitPunk Noir MagazineKalopsia LitYasou!Salt & CitrusTempered Runes PressButton Eye ReviewSerotonin Poetry, and Drunk Monkeys. She is on Instagram @anastasia.difonzo and Twitter @anmidaludi. [Read: Daddy Issues]


JAMES FARROW is a 22-year-old University student studying liberal arts in Sydney, Australia, with a focus on Modern History and Politics. His interests involve reading left-wing political theory, activism, and gaming. He has run a D&D group weekly since high school and from that has found a love of descriptive and emotive language. [Read: Maybe Someday]



LAUREN FOUNTAIN has lived in numerous places around the world: namely, Atlanta, Houston, Singapore, and Pennsylvania. Often, her writing is a product of the conflicting and complementing ideals, values, and cultures of the experiences she has had. She is a student at Lehigh University, studying industrial engineering and finance. Her writing has been published in the anthology Up to No Good: A Chorus of Villainous Voices, and she is the co-founder and co-editor of Intangible Magazine. [Read: #Blessed]



LUCIA HERRMANN is a cubanita of the yuma kind. Miami-raised and Philly-based, she writes, performs, and collaborates on all kinds of creative projects. She was featured in two 2019 Philly FringeArts productions, has been published in print and online, and is a former poetry editor for Toho Journal. She graduated from Haverford College in 2017 with a degree in English and focus in Latinx Lit. As an artist-educator, she is dedicated to teaching, empowering, and uplifting individuals and communities through decolonized and anti-racist pedagogy and practice. Visit her website to learn more. [Read: What We Teach]

BEN HORROBIN was born at the tender age of zero in Vancouver, BC. He can be found on Instagram @kudzureclaimsthesouth[Read: Four Pictures]


PETER J. KING was born and brought up in Boston, Lincolnshire. Active on the London poetry scene in the 1970s as writer, performer, publisher, and editor, he returned to poetry in 2013 after a long absence, and has since been widely published in magazines and anthologies. He also translates poetry, mainly from modern Greek (with Andrea Christofidou) and German, writes short prose, and paints. His currently available collections are Adding Colours to the Chameleon (Wisdom’s Bottom Press) and All What Larkin (Albion Beatnik Press). [Read: Atmospherics After Dark]

SHERICE KONG is a 15-year-old writer from New Jersey. When she's not writing poetry or fiction at 1 a.m., you can find her listening to Audrey Nuna or attempting to solve a mechanics problem. Find her @reiceicey on Instagram[Read: //golden hour\\]

NICK LATTANZE is a poet from Audubon, Pennsylvania. [Read: Tea Cups]


KACI SKILES LAWS is a closet cat-lady and creative writer who reads and writes voraciously in the quiet moments between motherhood and managing Crohn's Disease. She grew up on a small farm in a Texas town alongside many furry friends, two sisters, and a brother. She has known tragic loss too well, and her writing, which is often dark and honest, is a reflection of the shadows lurking in her psyche. Her work can be viewed at [Read: A Telephone and A Tommy Gun]


DANE LYN is an educator, poet, and glitter enthusiast with an MFA from Lindenwood University. Find them in Southern California ridding their shoes of sand, loving their partner, playing music too loud, constructing blanket forts, and caring for their menagerie of teens, snakes, lizards, dogs, rabbits, and cats. Dane’s work can be seen in Gnashing Teeth, Closed Eye Open, Anti-Heroin Chic and Nymph Publication, links to which are all at They tweet from @PunkHippyPoet[Read: no rhyme or reason]


JOSH MCCUNE is a writer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He holds an BA in English and Philosophy from QUB and an MSC in Literature & Modernity from the University of Edinburgh. His influences include (but are in no way limited to) Frank Ormsby, Michael Longley, Gail McConnell, Wallace Stevens, Edwin Morgan, and Mary Ruefle. He is almost entirely edible and loves a good pair of trousers. This is his first publication. [Read: Wisdom Teeth]


ISMIM PUTERA (he/him) is a poet and writer from Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. He is the author of a poetry chapbook Tide of Time (Mug and Paper Publishing, 2021), and recently won third place in 7th Singapore Poetry Contest. His latest work can be found in Anak SastraPrismatica Magazine and Be Me: LGBTQ+ Stories of Belongings[Read: I am the goddess in this temple]


JARED WONG (he/him) is a graduate of Mount Allison University (BA) and Carleton University (MA), and briefly worked as a staffer in Canada's Parliament. You can find him on Twitter @Jared_CGW or in Whitehorse, Yukon contemplating the highway and winter. His poetry has appeared in multiple issues of 7Mondays and Bywords, and in Horse Egg Literary[Read: The Departed Wayfarer]

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