volume one, issue three: piecemeal

July 2021

Welcome to Issue 3! Its theme is "piecemeal," defined as "done, made, or accomplished piece by piece or in a fragmentary way."


The poems featured explore this theme through the varied perspectives of 14 poets whose work we are honored to host, and we're especially thrilled to feature several poets who have never before been published.


We thank our contributors for sharing their work, and we thank you, readers, for your support of Impostor and your belief in the importance of poetry.

A Silent Study of Tired Things

Justin Aoba

Daddy Issues

Anastasia DiFonzo

Maybe Someday

James Farrow


Lauren Fountain

What We Teach

Lucia Herrmann​

Four Pictures

Ben Horrobin

Atmospherics After Dark

Peter J. King​


//golden hour\\

Sherice Kong​

Tea Cups

Nick Lattanze

A Telephone and A Tommy Gun

Kaci Skiles Laws

no rhyme or reason

Dane Lyn

Wisdom Teeth

Josh McCune

I am the goddess in this temple

Ismim Putera​

The Departed Wayfarer

Jared Wong