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volume one, issue one: premiere issue

March 2021

issue 1 cover art.png

ADRIANA ACEVEDO is a Mexico City-based lesbian writer, translator, nap taker, and beer drinker. Every once in a while she dabbles in poetry, but horror fiction is what really rocks her boat. Besides horror, she enjoys writing about food, movies and shows, and sports. You can find her on Twitter @holyvaquita and on Medium. [Read: apollo's interruption]

DOM DARBY, when not busy yelling at the false idea of fluffy water, is a New York City-based poet/writer/comedy-adjacent neighborhood bard. They are usually found writing in dark alleys, libraries, dimly lit cafes and the occasional punk rock concert. Androgyne. A firm proud believer in the written word, and a realistically reluctant one in the human race. Pronouns: They/them/a long awkward shrug. If you want to find a love song in a chopped cheese, a raspberry orange that reminds you of childhood lullabies, or if you just want decent Taiwanese bubble tea, give them a jingle-jangle. [Read: Dean Martin wasn't wrong though]

AARATI KASTURIRANGAN is a creative being who longs for a world where every being has the freedom to share all their gifts.  She writes poems, songs and short stories when they arise from her brain like morning mists.  She is a 45 year-old mother, daughter, sister, wife, companion and friend, living and loving in Philadelphia. Aarati is a community psychologist which means she thinks about how communities, organizations, institutions, and culture can impact an individual’s mental health and well-being.  She has worked in a variety of roles supporting movements for collective liberation for the last 20+ years. [Read: Linoleum]

AVERY LANE is a poet based in Tucson, Arizona. Her poems have appeared in Trial and Error Collective zine and The Reading Series zine. Other than poetry, she is into philosophy, music, switching careers with little warning, and walking (with or without a particular destination). [Read: The Visitor]

Hi! I'm TIERA NOLCOX, friends call me Tee. I’m a poet from Newburgh, New York, and I love my city. I use my poetry and short stories to connect with people and remind them that they aren’t alone. I’ve used writing as an outlet to express myself and deal with my emotions since childhood. It’s been my main source of gaining confidence with speaking my truth. You can find me on Instagram @tieralynne. [Read: Otherness]

ỌBÁFẸ́MI THANNI is a genre-bending writer whose poetry was shortlisted for the 2019 Christopher Okigbo Poetry Prize. He is a reader at The Masters Review and is currently making attempts at beauty while applying for a citizenship in Lucille. [Read: Cure]


HANNAH BOLDUC is a Philadelphia resident and South Jersey native. She graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in political science. She is a longtime reader and lover of poetry of all kinds. She started writing poetry last March, and is previously unpublished. You can find her on Instagram @hannahbolduc. [Read: Phantoms of Appalachia]



ANA GARCÍA is a Mexican English major, currently interested in translation studies and creative writing. Most of her previous work consists of short stories and plays. She has recently become fascinated with poetry, and hopes to explore newer parts of her voice with it. She currently lives in Mexico City, and expects to (finally) get her undergraduate diploma with her dissertation on Wuthering Heights sometime this year. You can find her on Medium @anagldc. [Read: Open Up]


LISA KRAWCZYK (they/them) is a queer, neurodivergent poet currently based in the Midwest. Their poetry can be found or forthcoming in One ArtThe West ReviewDefunkt MagazineThe Wisconsin Historical Society Press, and elsewhere. [Read: Alarms]


AUBREY LUSIGNAN is a 26 year old poet, Scorpio, and intersectional feminist residing in Bushwick, NYC. Aubrey has been writing poems since her childhood, searching for her own meaning in the madness and beauty of life. Aubrey has begun writing more consistently thanks to the Undercurrent Babes community and is exploring themes of family, womanhood, relationships, and body image. [Read: In the group home kitchen on Tappen Street]


SILVANA SMITH is a writer and artist from Jacksonville, Florida. She received her bachelor's degree in sculpture from the University of North Florida. She uses her time to create art, poetry and short fiction. Areas of inspiration include spoken/written words, human connections, insects, eggs and cats. She has had her coding poetry previously published in BackSlash Lit. Smith's latest poems have focused on the sadness caused by the pandemic. [Read: A Week Ago Today]


CAIT THOMSON (she/her) is a queer mama and wife from Ottawa, Canada. She primarily writes about her experiences with anxiety, trauma, parenting, and her love of the outdoors. She can usually be found hiking with her husband and young daughter, or desperately drinking coffee. She is @cait.t.poetry on Instagram. [Read: Olivia]

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