volume one, issue four

October 2021

Welcome to Issue 4! We almost can’t believe we’ve made it this far and couldn’t have done so without the support of our readers, contributors, and anyone that has ever liked or shared our content. Thank you to all of you!

L.M. and Coral met in college in 2003 after a feminist magazine general interest meeting and bonded over a shared love of music and various strange things. We’ve been through the trials and tribulations of the literary world together for the last 18 years,  often feeling like impostors ourselves, until L.M. told Coral that we should stop talking about starting a journal and actually do it. Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We believe strongly in the work we’ve chosen to feature in this issue (and all issues before this) and we hope you enjoy the work of 23 poets—our longest to date! 

See you next time,
—L.M. and Coral

Maya Alexandria

Dreams of My Foremothers

Uriah Howard Allis


the day i washed you out of my sweater

Sloane Angelou

things i would like to try for a day

Alison Calva

Fire Hazard

Ellen Clayton

What to Bring to My Grave

Tam Eastley

Every Day I Panic

Ilyssa Goldsmith

Letting Go

Melissa Greenwood 

What is it About Two Little Ears—

Jade Hidle

I First Dated a Boy Who

I Dated Another Guy Who

J.A. Holm


Eva Jasper


Alisan Keesee


R. Skye Lambert

And I Would

Francesco Levato

Exerpts from SCARLET:

Cabinet with Hand Sanitizer & Alcohol Wipes

Refrigerator with Cup, Near Empty

kelly mckay

wet mouth

Eugene O'Hare


Danielle Estelle Ramsay

Larry Calls Me A Teenager for the Third Time This Morning

Jen Schneider

14 ways to play hide & seek sleep (& avoid nightmares)

Cyrine Sinti

Coming Home to You

Mantas Stockus

The Dig

Rachel Tanner

I Don't Know

Brittney Uecker

Candied Violence

Ben Walker​

Telling it Like it Is