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Hunting Zed

The blinking green on the clock face 


it’s go time.


The shooting jet through arcing sky


to aim for out-of-the-blue.


The Y-shaped birch sapling in the mud


you’re hunting Zed.


The calm sunrays inching across layers of dust


potential energy accrues interest.


The way you smiled and tilted your freckled cheek


forecast calls for an end to the drought.


The speed to deliver ahead of schedule


hire me or lose.


The reflection in my sleepy mirror smiles


I can make it just a bit further.


Myles Gann is a standard-ole midwest America story. Having grown up in Ohio, he sang and danced his way out west (La La Land style) to sit in a dark room and write all day. He has an unhealthy obsession with superheroes and warns everyone around him that he's known to write fiction stories at the drop of a hat. He also creates semi-quality content for his own website called, and can be gently stalked on Twitter @ComicsSimple.

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