Telling It Like It Is 


It came as a surprise, didn’t it? 

More at yourselves than anything else. 

The way things had been going, 

getting harder all the time. 


Tough times call for tough people, you said, 

and they’re tough. Tough on the people they need to be tough on,  

and tough on themselves


Accountability. The willingness to learn from mistakes. 

The hand up instead of the handout. 

If you give a go, you get a go. 


We needed to be ready, you said, but I didn’t think it would come to it so soon

Always the tone of surprise. Think of the property values,  

up again, seven years in a row. 

There are people who’d kill to live like us,

and of course it’s a wonderful idea, but we have to think of the message it sends


In times like these, Brits can’t have room for doubt; 

A home’s a castle, walls to keep them out. 


Ben Walker lives in Southampton and is an enthusiastic amateur poet. They're working through some stuff, but they're going to be ok. Find them on Instagram at @benhaspictures, or on Twitter at @BenHasOpinions. They do not currently have any published collections, but are working frantically to remedy this.