our mission

Impostor syndrome: the belief that talents and accomplishments are fraudulent or the result of luck. Perhaps you've experienced it yourself—we certainly have! The literary world is rife with lofty and exclusionary definitions of what qualifies the title of "writer." ​When we decided to create this journal, we knew that first and foremost, we wanted to create a welcoming and encouraging space for writers who may feel intimidated by the established literary world or who feel as if their credentials—or lack thereof—don't fall in line with what's expected. We want you to submit regardless of your history. Age, academic background, or the length of your curriculum vitae hold no influence on our view of what constitutes a poet. Your voice matters, and we want to hear it! Check out our submissions page for more information.

editorial staff

L.M. Camiolo is a queer writer and editor originally from New York and currently based in Philadelphia. She is a former poetry editor for Toho Journal and her work has appeared in antonym, FEED, and Doghouse Press. In addition to poetry, her loves include science fiction, horror, and hauntology. She also co-hosts a podcast, Let's Talk About Snacks. You can find her on Instagram @shoresofpluto.

Coral O'Leary hails from Western New York and considers herself a lake-effect snow ex-pat. She is a current New Yorker, queer writer, cultural worker, and asexual aromantic-spectrum lesbian. Her Pushcart Prize-nominated poetry has appeared in Minnow Literary Magazine, Baby Teeth Journal, SORTES, and is forthcoming in other publications. She is currently working on her first chapbook. Coral can be found on Instagram at @ohcoralpoetry.